About us

London Radiology Courses was founded in November 2011.

It is run by a dedicated team of enthusiastic radiology consultants, with the help of hand-picked radiology SpR’s selected for their enthusiasm, knowledge and teaching skills.


Consultants – Dr Neil Wilde, Dr Allan Andi, Dr Dan Bell, Dr Henry Tam, Dr Rowena Johnson, Dr Amy Eccles, Dr Cynthia Gupte and Dr Uday Mandalia.

SpR’s – Dr Lalani Carlton Jones, Dr Neil Soneji, Dr Maureen Dumba, and Dr Christian Burd.

All course material are written by consultants who have a deep understanding of radiology practice and radiology interview process.

We aim to provide courses that are fun, interactive and relevant to everyday practice, to improve yourself as a doctor and help further your career in medicine.

The speakers on the courses are invited for their teaching skills and for being friendly and approachable. All speakers will be available during the day to answer questions in private or as a group.

Above all the whole team really enjoy teaching, coaching and inspiring the next generation of fabulous doctors.

Dr Zarni Win

Dr Zarni Win

Head of Speciality Nuclear Medicine

Consultant Radiologist and Nuclear Medicine Physician

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