Radiology ST1 Interview Preparation Courses

This course provides 7 CPD credits in accordance with the CPD Scheme of the Royal College of Radiologists.

A dedicated radiology interview course especially tailored for those preparing for the Clinical Radiology Specialty Training (Year 1) interviews.

When & where:

Annually in January in either a live lecture format in Hammersmith, London, UK or via Zoom Webinar format in accordance with government guidelines.  For webinars the link will be sent out 5 days before the course. Please ensure that the correct email address is given and to check your junk mail. Course material will also be sent out 5 days before the course.

What will you cover:

Our radiology interview course aims to teach you how to score as high as possible in the real interview, by providing all the interview preparation material you need, inspiring confidence, promoting your strengths and repairing your weaknesses, so that you give a strong and successful performance.

What you will receive:

  • CONSULTANT LED & PREPARED radiology interview course.
  • Attendance certificate.
  • 7 CPD points
  • HELP LINE – post course.
  • FULL REFUND before course preparation material is emailed.

As with all our other courses, this course is consultant led and run, so that you benefit from a consultant’s knowledge of current ST radiology interview process to give you the advantage over your peers, and score higher.

The coaching team consists of 5 consultants, one of whom was ranked No.1 in their respective radiology ST1 interview, and the other ranked No. 1 in the highly competitive London neuroradiology subspeciality interviews.

Our aim is to teach you how to score highly, by getting the best out of your own personality and skill sets, so that you are optimally prepared for the interviews and achieve your ambition to be a radiologist!

The course will fully focus on the specific knowledge, skills and attitude required to score highly in each station of the radiology interview process.

We will specifically teach you how to score highly in each of the interview stations, with several talks and the best approaches to various interview questions. We also have an advice service after the course, usually by email but over the phone when necessary.

We will try and make this course as interactive as possible allowing for the webinar format – this will include being questioned amongst the group of delegates in a positive and progressive atmosphere, which will help you learn from us as well as from the other delegates. This will ensure you gain the most out of the course before the real interview. If you would rather not face direct questioning, please specify this on your course application beforehand.

Most importantly, it doesn’t matter what sort of personality you have, be it shy, eccentric or outgoing. We will ensure that you leave the course with an interview technique that is suited to your personality, as well as your skill sets.

There is a no cancellation policy, if cancellation is requested once you have received the course preparation material.

For more information email

PLEASE NOTE: The course contents, including radiographs, are subject to copyright and are the property of London Radiology Courses.  Recording of the lectures as well as reproduction and distribution of any materials forming the contents of this course is strictly prohibited.


Reviews and comments:

I wanted to inform you that I finally did it!!!! I got into radiology this year (your course prepared me so much better than the other course I went to last year!). I also wanted to thank you for all your continued advice and support. Thank you so much.

I thought I did the interview better this time round and definitely attending your course improved my confidence and performance on that day, and allowed me to score higher at each station. Please thank your consultant colleagues as well. It made such a difference getting feedback and teaching from them.

I want to thank you so much for providing the two courses I attended with you present (ERJD & Interview Course). I am forever grateful for the imput, time and belief you have imparted upon me during these two events, for had I not attended these two courses I would not in my opinion be where I am today – with a ST1 training post in Clinical Radiology at UCH.

Thank you and your whole team for all your help in preparing me for the interview. The course was very useful in structuring my preparation; the questions I had were all repeats covered in the course and listed in the manual.

The course was truly invaluable! I couldn’t have done it without the excellent coaching from you and your team.

Thank you very much Dr Win and your consultant colleagues, for the time and effort and belief you have given me during the length of this course it really did exceed my expectations. Now I know how to maximise marks in each interview station.

The course was excellent, in both structure and content – and providing motivation through your talks had been one of the most useful parts of the course. Thank you for your kind words, I hope to build upon all that was covered for next week. And yes, will not forget to mention my love for photography!

The interview went well. I actually quite enjoyed it really as I felt that I was well prepared and that it was going smoothly. Thank you very much; the course really helped and the course material gave me so much information to study and the practice questions were so useful to ensure I had slick answers to them all and felt confident going in.

Can I just begin by saying, that without your course, it would have been absolutely impossible to have any chance at that interview.

It was crucial prep for the interview and found the process exactly as was explained on the course. I think your advice on focusing on the other 3 stations rather than the portfolio one was crucial and probably the only reason I got a post.

Thank you so much to you and your consultant colleagues and team. My ranking was 34, and got my first choice St Bartholomew’s.

I went in well prepared for each interview station, and again your course gave me greater insight, and I can’t thank you enough for the course.

Thank you again for your course, which I am so happy to recommend to others when the time comes!!! I got the King’s job yesterday and was ranked 11 and am delighted (albeit surprised). Would never have managed it without the heads up on skills mix!!!

Just wanted to say a massive thank you and your consultant/ST team. The course and handbook played a large part in me getting the offer so thanks again. I scored highly and was I ranked 67 overall. I think what made the difference was the teaching given on how to score highly in the 3 stations and not to concentrate too much on the CV/portfolio station.

Thank you so much again as the course did make a huge difference, especially to the describe the audit station, and focussing how to score highly in each station.

Thank you soooo much for all your help on the course, I genuinely believe I wouldn’t have got into London if it hadn’t been for the course. So I managed to get a number at St Thomas and guys, very excited about it. I ranked 6thoverall. Obviously, my thanks extends to all the team on the day (especially to your consultant team), it really was a good experience before interview day.

Just wanted to let you know that I got my first choice job – starting in Bristol in August.  Very excited! Thank you for all your help with everything, especially building up me confidence. The questions were basically identical from your course and course booklet!

I wanted to inform you that I finally did it!!!! I got into radiology this year (your course prepared me so much better than the other course I went to last year!). I also wanted to thank you for all your continued advice and support.. Thank you so much.

I just wanted to thank you guys for your help at the Essentials for Radiology and the ST1 application interview courses.  I enjoyed them and they were very useful in preparing me to maximise my marks at each interview station.  I was in the top ten percent and got my first choice of job.  The preparation helped me be a lot more comfortable in the interview and it was all down to you guys.

I’m happy to say that I secured a number in my first choice deanery, Leeds/Bradford, and I ranked 100. My background was surgical and will be going straight into radiology ST1 from CT2 core surgical training. Given how close everybody’s scores were, attending your course was vital! I would advise future candidates to prepare answers to potential questions (which were basically identical the ones we practiced on your course and course booklet) and practice as much as possible, rather than worrying about the CV/portfolio too much. The CV/portfolio course I went to was a waste of time really.

My interview went well and I was successful in securing my first choice job in the St. George’s rotation. I am greatly indebted to your course for my success and am most grateful to you for your kind support. The questions I had were almost identical as the ones on the course.

Your course was of such great benefit to me. It covered all what I expected from it and more, and was worth the journey I made for it considering I was on-call at last weekend. I have met great people and your team was amazing in delivering an outstanding teaching skills.
I loved Radiology even more.

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